Kane County Court Hearing Reminder Service

The Kane County Circuit Clerk offers the Kane County Court Hearing Reminder Service to help you remember your court appearance dates. Sign up for email or text notifications. Once you are signed up, you will receive two notifications: The first reminder is sent 2 days before the upcoming court event, and the second one is sent 1 day before.

If you know your case number(s), fill in the information below to get your notifications started.

If you do not know your case number(s), click on the case search function to the left and search for the case(s) you are involved on.

Only Public records will appear. If you have a case that has been sealed or restricted by the court or by statute, these cases will not appear. (Example of cases restricted by statute – Juvenile cases)

You can always opt out of the service; from this web page or your email/test notifications. When you opt out you will be removed from any and all notifications on your case(s).